Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Convention report

The local annual gaming convention was held last weekend, "Leadapolooza" as my wife puts it, and I committed (was committed?) to all three days.

The following is a picture report

I played Wellington in this scaled down (in number of units rather than their size) game of Waterloo.  All (well, most...) of the figures are plastics from the collection of Malcolm who came over from Victoria to put on this beautiful game using Black Powder rules. The Allied forces won (or they would have had my paraphrase the movie 'Waterloo' quote, of course)
The masses of French around La Belle Alliance.  French initiative rolls were apparently quite bad and could not get their attacks to move forward.
The Waterloo tabletop looking west to east.  The scale of the deployments and area of the table was just right to give the effect of the battle. 
Colin's Darkest Africa game
Jim's British vs lizards (what?!) using a colonial rule set!
Stephen's 20mm WW2 game (he is the one measuring)
Lisa's Waagh race. Most of the vehicles are converted plastic toy Humvees(!) And, yes, I have one; a nice done Orc rust-bucket I am proud to say, armed with heavy bolter and flamethrower! Commitment conflict prevent me from joining this game.
Finally, on Sunday I joined a club game favorite in the Canvas Eagles air game using 1:72 scale WW1 models.  Here is the Red Baron chasing my Snoopy creation.  It, of course, uses the Sopwith Camel characteristics.  The board is a Hotz Mat with crater holes


  1. Some great looking games, especially the Waterloo game!

  2. Yes, a very good looking game
    Quick synopsis :
    I played Wellington in scaled down (number of regiments, not their size) with the Black Powder rules for the first time . The Allies were the victors (whew!) with Prince of Orange and his lowly D-B's destroying 4 French units to his 1 ! The Coldstream Guards in Hougomont getting assaulted by only two French line units with it's commanding player saying "They are hitting me with artillery" and "Umm, Wellington, they are going to break in probably two turns" Lordy boy, I say, why didn't you tell me this earlier? Now I will have to "run around like a wet hen, and have no time!" (movie Waterloo quote reference) Just managed to get the Higlanders in there to secure the flank. One other French assault did get to the crest but Picton's amazons held them! Other than that the French did not attack at all. Failing command rolls apparently. All in all didn't really understand the rules being a large convention game. We needed another 4 hours game play to have a game of it, but I did like the scale.