Friday, 6 April 2012

"Glory, it was not"

"Glory it was not" The attack on Fort Lindsay, 1814
The British assault column
American artillery within the fort

 After successfully taking Plattsburg and defeating the American naval forces and thus gaining control of Lake Champlain, the British commander Prevost moved south to enter the Hudson River. However the fort on Morris Island at the mouth of the river barred passage. It would be a difficult proposition to take. Built on a spit of sand barely 100 yards wide, the battery was protected by the lake and by swamps and woods and could only be assaulted down a narrow beach.

 The unproven deMeuron regiment of Swiss was selected to lead the British attack. Whether they asked for the 'honour' to prove their valour or whether as a forlorn hope to soak up casualties is not known.

 Having given up on creating any more home brewed rules and going with a couple of friends who are using 'Regimental Fire and Fury' rules for the War of 1812, I used them for this game.

 With 3 cannon and a 6 stands of infantry firing at the dense column of the Swiss AND I rolled a '10' the highest dice for effect, the deMeuron attack was shot to pieces and the colonel leading the assault grievously wounded ( a 9 was rolled for the leader!).  The attack by the 1st Foot behind was also 'checked'.  The deMeuron regiment surprisingly rallied only to be shot at again by long range artillery and to have me roll another '10'!!

 Down to two stands from eight, the Swiss retreated broken, with the 1st Foot having again sustained hits as a massed target in support.  The attacked was then called off. 

The massed British assault with brave Col. Shaw of the deMeuron Regiment of British Foot leading

the 1st Foot taking hits in support of the attack
The British 1st Regiment of Foot
the 49th Regiment of Foot (they wore their greatcoats at the Battle of Crysler's Farm and so I modeled them with my 'green stuff' versions) Note the Brigadier General indicating the direction of advance...from a rear position...

 Notes: This scenario is based on the American Civil War attack by Union forces on Fort Wagner in 1863.  The movie "Glory" depicts this attack (thus the post's title).  The deMeuron regiment is substituting for the untried 54th Mass (colored troops) which led the assault.

 I used a different name as not to give away the scenario's inspiration.  Lindsay Wagner was a 'hottie' from 1970's television; Fort Mozart doesn't sound American enough!

and finally, yes, the British indeed LOST the Battle of Plattsburg....

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  1. Some great pics!!! love the homemade greatcoats!