Tuesday, 17 April 2012

a flag shroud

A wargaming short story

When I "disbanded" my old Plauche's battalion, I needed, of course, to remove the Stars and Stripes from the fragile plastic staff.  As I used white glue to attach, it was easy as I merely soaked it in water for a short time.
I did not have a plan to re-use, thinking I would need to toss it away.  However as it came off relatively intact, I thought to use it as a ripped trophy or such.  Inspiration struck and I placed it wet upon a casualty figure laying about. It then to my surprise re-hardened.
The flag would become a death shroud.  Perhaps our fallen soldier had heroically defended his nation's honor during the War of 1812.
our fallen hero as a wargame marker

Historical Accuracy Note:
The American 'Stars and Stripes' was not used by regiments but were used only to fly over military posts.  It was not until 1841 that it was made the 'national color' with infantry units.  The blue flag with the eagle and stars then became the regimental flag as one would see in the Civil War later.


  1. Waste not, want not! Interesting post, I was curious as to when the 'Stars & Strips' became the national colour.