Tuesday, 29 May 2012

a battle against the Chickasaw

My good friend Kevin Smyth (see his blog at : blog link) put on not one but two games of a fictional engagement on the Mississippi River between the Americans and Chickasaw Indians with the first having their Spanish allies fighting with them.  Tabletop forces not usually seen these.

I played in the scenario in which the Americans task was the take the Chickasaw village and burn the corn. 

 After the obligatory wargame "you take the right, you the left and I guess I get the center" command allocation, we planned the usual wargame tactics; march straight up and see what happens.
The American advance and the accursed dice

 The victory conditions were points given to take the stockade, destroy the houses and burn the corn. [ Each square of corn had a small point value ]  It would appear to win, we needed to do all three but they seemed very far away and we still had a creek to cross.
two of the American objectives: the corn field and stockade

 We were about to just that when the 'injuns' came to us...in a rush...with hatchets in hand!  The Brother vs Brother rules Kevin uses are very simple and very 'deadly' and many miniatures were soon removed. 
Ah Jeb, ain't we supposta' be attacking dem?
The poor militia on the right were massacred and the Regulars were hammered.  While the cannon were temporarily taken by the natives, the Regulars managed to continue the advance with the few left.
Thankfully the Chickasaw could not spike the guns and the Americans eventually recaptured them only to give them up again with the defeat it could be assumed, as the civilian drivers had long since ran their limber horses from the fighting.

 We tried to claim at least partial victory with some of the Regulars inside the stockade, however they were outnumbered by the defenders and while we were inside the nicely modelled cornfield, we had yet to start to burn it as we were too busy fighting off the native warbands.
the American Regulars struggle to get through the cornfield with another Chickasaw attack possible. 

 Thus the action ended with no victory points at all.  Apparently this was a much different result than the previous playtest! 

the militia of Kevin's collection. Perry's if not mistaken.  Nice, effective, painting style.  All the figures and terrain in the photos were done by Kevin.


  1. Nice looking game and great original scenario.

  2. Good looking game. Nice idea with the individual cornfield squares, very useful.