Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"Hanau" basing style prototype

A good wargaming buddy, Seth from Seattle, and I (and perhaps other crazies who want to get in the fun) are involved in a project to do the Napoleonic Battle of Hanau, late 1813 for its 200 anniversary.

This battle has Napoleon and his wrecked army retreating to France after the massive engagement of Leipzig and the Austro-Bavarians are attempting to stop and defeat him.

With the idea that all the new plastics being produced light in weight and thus the wargamer could put many on a single stand easily and combined with a simple set of rules based, at least on principle, upon DBA; we originally thought of huge stands and many figures.  But sobering (but literally and figuratively) to the fact that it would involve both massive out lay of money and painting, we cut back much to create 12cm wide bases of hardboard with approx 10-12 figures for ordered infantry, representing some 1,000 men.  Rules which employ a single base concept such as Impetus comes to mind as does La Grande Armee among others.

Here are the first of the bases I have quickly done up.  I hope I will like them as I have already purchased much of my French forces already!

We have debated whether to go white for the label area or a more muted color.  The white has the advantage as being white - easier for all to get the shade correct - and perhaps gives the impression of a boardgame chit which is essentially is.  The rules will certainly produce a very stylized tactical game but should be good for the convention setting.

The holes are for the 'recoil' marking for which gribbage pegs will be used.  Since these are Old Guard, I get to drill many holes; Seth's Austrians....not so many..... <grin>

The figures are 28mm Victrix plastic figures, with some conversion; mainly in making the cross belts as I did not put on the backpacks and adding a couple of Perry heads etc.   These are my old "Plauche's Battalion" ex of my War of 1812 collection.

While we have agreed on 12 on a base for formed infantry, I did not have enough and do not want to paint more for these units.  As all French units were extremely understrength during this battle, I feel I can get away with it!  While the formed "battalions" of my Old Guard will be at 12 strong, most other units will be only 10 strong as that seems to be a good number to take advantage of the way the plastics are packaged.  They should look very depleted verses the Allies full strength masses.


  1. Nice painting!! I look forward to seeing this project unfold.

  2. Doug:

    Apologies for missing this post - I'm a follower, but can't get any more blogs I follow to show up on my current list. Anyway, beautiful work as always and looking forward to your Liepzig project. Something for Salute &/or Enfilade 2013 I'm hoping. It was great seeing his past weekend at the con too. Warm regards, Dean