Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New French Cavalry General

With the convention glow still alight and thinking of the games planned for next year, I worked on some of the Perry plastics whose introduction actually started this Napoleonics project. 

While the units will be small and so I don't need all the figures in the French Heavy Cavalry box, so I decided to convert the beautiful officer into a General.  I took a spare bicorne from the infantry and simply glued it onto the torso (that is one of the really good points of plastics - easy converstions!)

Taking a bit of green stuff, I modeled the fancy hat plumage.  The right hand of the figure was designed to take the sword with the hand within to be glued on.  In lieu of, I had the arm come up along the side of the horses neck and made a GS hand.

   The escort is a cuirassier with shouldered sword.  Both have very nicely sculpted horses (as far as I am aware--- I have been around but one horse in my life!) but look the part.  Some of the metal beasts of other manufacturers are very bad examples indeed.

Post Script: the camera certainly has a trick of picking out mold lines which normally go unnoticed!  I will need to touch up on those...

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