Tuesday, 29 May 2012

my DBAing at Enfilade

It is only at the Enfilade convention that I game DBA. I have quite a few armies based for these rules and so I bring some down for the 3 hour drive down the freeway. Yes Europe, we need to drive some 300 km or so to get our gaming in!

If I have wondered around the convention looking at games and chatting with once a year gaming friends, I sometimes get 'hit on the head' and get volunteered to play in the DBA Open tourney.  They were again one short and needed another to have an even number. Oh what the heck.

Of course, in a "Open" tourney players bring what ever armies please them.  Some bring an army they have not yet played, others a 'kick butt' version.  I had played my Spartans earlier so continued with them.  Only playing once a year does not help in remembering match-ups so I like the 'mono' type armies. While my first game was against Samurai which I managed to win, unfortunately, many of the players this year used medieval armies full of knights.  My spears do not match up well with knights.  I faced these in the next two rounds losing both and dropping out of contention.  As I said to myself, "Boy, don't bring a spear to a knight fight!"

my Spartans in the usual situation for my troops - bad!

the two figure Psiloi stand in the rear of the hoplite line helps....a little... against knights. 

This shot shows the end of my game against the Teutonics. While the formation is the best I could do against knights the dice again destroy any hope of victory.

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