Friday, 18 May 2012

Siege of Fort Meigs - part 2

Upon landing on the far shore to advance upon the British batteries positioned across the river from the fort, the militia commander, tried to sort out the ill-disciplined short-term soldiers.   Eventually he had a line of troops move toward the batteries themselves while a large contingent moved in a mass toward a small group of Natives firing from the forest.   While the Native fire proved very effective (rolled a 9 for only a couple of stands firing but that was enough to create losses and disorder on the volunteers, them being 'raw' and all!).  The militia return fire and subsequent combat had the militia chasing the Natives deep into the woods. This would prove a big mistake as the Natives now came on with numbers and with the help of good dice rolls (I have certainly noticed I seem to have huge dice roll differences for combat or firing producing dramatic results in these solo games)
Of the some 800 which went into the woods only some 150 were to run back to their boats. [raw and worn troops facing Natives in woods, gave the warrior defenders an overall plus 30% advantage even without my favorable dice!]

Meanwhile, the other militia units had quickly overrun the British batteries but now faced companies of the British 41st Foot whose solid volleys broke the volunteers and had them follow their compatriots running for the boats. 
The broken ground of the batteries prevented a follow up of his success, so the British commander did not further the charge. 

Thus this tabletop action followed the course of the historical engagement exactly.

I have yet to game the small action which occurred on the fort side of the table.  I may game that another day but I now really must get back to the table and join Tecumseh to prevent the Old Glory warriors murdering their captured Knuckleduster frontier militiamen!

The mass of American militia moving out from the boats (figures are 'advancing Frontier Militia' by Knuckleduster, 28mm.  Bases are 40mm square.  Painting by me, in my "impressionist" style)
Drawn deep into the woods, the American volunteer militia face the bulk of the warriors
Some of the volunteers who have taken the British batteries
The British 41st Foot retaking the batteries.  (Old Glory Napoleonic 28mm)

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