Monday, 20 May 2013

Arborist I am not

Awhile back I described the plastic trees I bought. previous post
My refurbishing of my old forest of pine trees had me thinking I should publish this post I created some time ago but had yet to upload:

The pre-made deciduous trees are very expensive so I decided to save a bit and make my own.  Big mistake.  If, for every swear word I made while gluing on the clumps (very loose clumps!) of foliage material, I paid myself 10 cents, I could have bought many more of the pre-done ones!
I bought all types of glue, none of which, for me, worked to keep the darn stuff on the branches... glue all over the fingers but none sticking to the trees....  Man, was I one frustrated puppy.  Check of the wargame sites for fellowly help suggests I was not alone in this trouble.

Anyway, after many different techniques, I managed to get some to stay on the branches and hoped that it would not come off with the transport to the convention game.  I was pleasantly surprised that they were almost unscathed.

Here are my 'forests' made specifically for the scenario but could be used for the open woods of Europe or with added lichen and such could be used for the darkest forests of North America. 
The hardboard base no doubt helped the transport and handling and serves also to blend into the terrain mat I use. 

Nevertheless, my pine woods will make the trip to Enfilade this time.

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