Monday, 27 May 2013

In reserve....

Well sometimes you just have to.

The Battle of Hanau is an interesting Napoleonic engagement as it has a very powerful but small Imperial Guard contingent of artillery, horse and infantry, together with a small and weak support contingents emerging from a forest vs a twice as large but poorly deployment Austro-Bavarian force.
With a scenario like that many things can go wrong.  In our case, we made the Allied effectiveness too high despite having told ourselves to note to downgrade. And it is important to put the right personalities to the command to account for that.  This failed, due in part to the unfamiliar players.  The atrocious dice that a couple of them had to endure did not help.

To see if indeed the rules and the troop ratios we used will produce the same result as the historical battle, sometimes you just have to have a reserve plan.  Be it a change of a rule, a change of the scenario or just bringing on reserves which, in this case, were possible but did not arrive as early, sometimes a nudge is needed.
This was the Marmont 'Corps'. It was part of the straggling mass of the chaff which was the French army after Leipzig. While only 3 very weak elements, I brought it along just in case....

Amusing incident during the game.  An announcement was made that the painting competition was currently on and any entries should be made.  Shortly thereafter the first of the 'casualties' occurred from the French side, and it was suggested by some of the players that both be put in for judging.  While totally random that my units be so 'selected' for the contest, it occurred that both won their respective catagories!  No on-the-shelve-only models for me, these were straight off the battlefield!

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