Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Battle of Hanau - more pictures

First thing:   thanks to Bob E., Bob S, Ron P., Ian Mc., Garland R., James C., Rod F., Preston, and Lance G., for being patient students of these new rules Seth and I used for the game.  While I thought I was a bit rambling in my introduction to this historical scenario, the concepts behind the rules, and the rules themselves, several of you told me this benefited both your understanding of the game and the play itself.

Here is a picture taken by Kevin of me - in the light green shirt - babbling on  discussing the finer points.....

Doug gives pre-game instructions to the massive 28mm Napoleonic game
Photo of the "introduction" as taken from the Allied side of the battlefield

This shows the a key terrain piece of the battle, the town of Hanau.  Made by Seth from paper card and the fortifications of hard foam, it is both very good looking and light!  He is an architect by trade so it is natural he took on this task.  The town will no doubt be useful for other battles.

My French Imperial Guard.  The wheel on the black block indicates the artillery is limbered.
I just like the angle of this photo and the panorama of the battle. The game was on about a 7' by 5' table but still had space.  I know I could put on Waterloo on the same sized table!
The French regular cavalry.
While the Imperial Guard is in the fore, Marmont's 'corps' leads with the dark blue overcoated Naval Artillery Regiments who played a large part in the 1813 and 1814 battles.
The scope of the rules and thus basing of the figures are for the corps and not the battalion. Thus only the really significant terrain features are shown.  It is for the lowly majors to worry about such things as hedges and ditches not the corps commander as portrayed by the player.  Thus the 'clean' field of battle.


  1. Great looking game! What are the dimensions of your bases?

  2. Jon,
    All are 12cm by 6cm, but for the artillery 12cm square.

    1. That was going to be my guess since they looked similar to an Impetus based footprint. Again, great looking game. I really like the look and practicality of one base per unit. I may go this route with my small collection of Peninsular 28mm Napoleonics. Again, great looking game and figures.

      Too bad I couldn't make the trip over to the west side of the state for Enfilade to see your work in person!