Monday, 27 May 2013

Games played at Enfilade 2013

Despite the collapse of a bridge on the I-5 freeway which will be driven, to get to the convention, less than 12 hours before leaving[!!] and an car accident on the freeway on the way down which left only 2 of 5 lanes available at one point due to a unfortunate person laying deceased in the middle of the roadway [!!], the drive down was not overly delayed.

I played in three games: Kevin's Air Race game, David S's Ancient Galley game and, Seth's and my Napoleonic affair.  Had a great time with all three.
I almost won the air race game but lost by a hair - due in no small part by a very unsporting 'curse' card - which reduces speed - by a player near the rear of the pack.

 In the 'row boat' game, I had no archers or catapults and a fairly speedy boat so decided on the immediate ram tactic. I missed with the initial impact (hmm, can't remember why) but the target player gave me a quick second chance the next turn and so I took advantage and got in a very good ram.  The player then grappled my ship, overwhelmed my smaller contingent of marines, captured my galley and transferred his crew to my his new prize while his boat sank from the damage I inflicted!

The third game, the Napoleon battle of Hanau, I will describe in a following post.  I did get to move some troops as I brought in Marmont's weak command as a reserve later in the game, after playing umpire for the earlier portion.

Often I don't actually play any games, or perhaps one or two only as I like to wonder around to view all the games, chat with fellow wargamers or browse the trader stand so with three I felt very busy. The convention was a good one once again and I had a good time.

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