Sunday, 4 January 2015

a game of "Lion Rampant" rules

Andrew came over to introduce the newish rules of "Lion Rampant" by Osprey Publishing.

This is a skirmish-y level rules for the 'whack-and-slash' military periods.  Lacking any historical match ups between us, he brought over his Chinese with bows and pointy sticks to clash against my English early Hundred Years War force with bows and pointy sticks.  As the rules are very broad in nature, it really does not matter the type at all.
The rules are very general indeed with only real hint to their intended target era with the description of the unit type as "Foot Sergeants" "Men at Arms" etc.

Because of the game being a small affair and Andrew having to explain it all with but one game under his belt himself, I really should withhold comments until I have played it more to get more of the feel and subtleties of the system.  As a very visual learner, I saw, with the 'movement trays' Andrew suggested we use to speed play, each unit as a block without necessarily any skirmish feel.  With all units at 12 or 6 strong, that feeling of a block is maintained.  I saw no need for individual movement of figures or even that they be place individually on a stand for ease of movement.    At the end of the game I was already expressing that a 'unit' be only a stand in a vignette arrangement of, say 6 or 8 figures with all the Attacker 6+, Move 3+ etc etc information laid out on the stand itself with only perhaps a changeable marker showing the 'casualties'.

But like I said, I should reserve judgement.  However I would like to like these rules as they have seemed to attract a bit of attention from the local gamers and I have a huge army with 85 archers alone ( ! ) waiting to be used one day.....  (sigh)

It was good of Andrew to show me the rules and gives me a better idea of the interest in them.

Not a real good look to this game but it was kinda spur of the moment and quickly arranged.

my HYW boys all in livery

my pointy stick boys a bit worn down but still in the fight
Andrew's Chinese purchased painted from eBay

Overview of the small action with my archers to each flank of the spear and his horse at half strength from a couple failed charges at my centre. 

One of my "need a 5+" attempts!  OK to be honest the next six throws had much better results......


  1. I've not played the rule myself, but I've heard a lot of good things about them.

    1. Well, Ray, it is certainly a roll many dice, roll high, kinda game.

  2. Good to hear you getting your feet wet with these rules, Doug. They are very popular here - Kevin has given it his HYW stamp of approval - at least for "skirmishy" games. As far as actual period flavor, it is very adaptable to many - including Samurai and Bronze Age Greeks, I would think. Even the "Schiltron" rule could apply to phalanx type of formations. Again, great to get nice games on without the need for hundreds of figures. Best to you in 2015. Dean

    1. Well, at least I have a toe wet with the rules..
      ..and I do already have the figures painted to do six 12 longbow strong units for a 24 point early English HYW force
      Now that should be interesting to play!

      And the best to you also for 2015

    2. Alrighty, now I have counted out, based upon rather dubious points knowledge and rather shaky math skills, that I have, already painted, a 72+ point contingent should we ever get that large a game.