Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Me Lord's Retinue for Lion Rampant

While usually playing only one game is not the stepping stone for a whole new direction,  Andrew's introduction of Lion Rampant [ LR ] did get me thinking about my dormant medieval 28mm collection.  While I do like the collection, thinking the painting fine and still interested in the period,  I could not make it 'work' for any of the common rule sets played around here.  The army lists of those rules either had me needing to buy - and paint - many more, or had me abandon large amounts.  I was willing to do neither, nor did the thought of rebasing excite me.....

Years ago, some club members came to the conclusion that nearly everyone had medieval figures of one type or another in 28mm individually mounted and wouldn't it be fun to have a huge game with everyone coming with whatever contingent they could create!   Well I was in as I had just traded for a large and now older GW plastic Bretonnian army - very historically Hundred Years Wars that.  Lots of archers of course and so completed the lot all in one livery.
The whole concept fell off the rails of course, as those things usually do, and so I have been left with this one-side-only collection too big and not finding the right opposition in terms of nice miniatures and or indeed willing to do the opposition.
There it lay in the box for years until this week.

After Andrew's game I searched the web and came up with the pointing system and set to task computing my retinue numbers and indeed can produce a three retinue army of 72 points !  And legally at that!  So all the various amounts of men-at-arms, archers, spearmen all are nicely grouped into proper units.  Wonderful!  With the 72 points I could field a 14 unit army if I so choose and all in the same livery.   These are all foot, Early HYW (c. Battle of Crecy)

I was struck by the simple fact that my collection fit almost perfectly with the army list values of LR
With that
a) I will not have to purchase any more
b) It uses all my figures in total*
c) I will not need to rebase!
d) no other known rules set I can use my force without need to add to or subtract

makes the choice fairly easy.  I do hope I will like the rules….

*with the exception of only 3 additonal Bidowers which I completed in short order as I had a few unpainted plastic spares. (see below)

The collection is the mentioned GW plastics, with a smaller amounts of Black Tree medievals, and perhaps ? Front Rank. They were long in the box and traded for or purchased in dribs and dabs so I can't rightly recall.

The livery is dark red/dark blue simply because I liked the colour combination.

One of the elite archer units of my retinue. Mostly plastics with a few metal ones for variation. 
The "Bidowers" 
Before and after slight modifications to give my Bidowers and bit of different look.  Originally GW plastics
the big bushy plastic bared head really alters the look of this figure. I added a small purse to the modified figure to enhance the change.  The bidowers would be mercenaries for hire I be thinking.
The final added figure to the bidower unit.  Again a new plastic head (from a donated Perry plastic left over sprue) provides the greatest difference between the original figure (in the back).  The added large bag again enhances the difference along with the clothing colors used. The other three figures of the unit are, were I believe called "scouts" or some such and are metal.

Now to play a game or two with this lot!


  1. Sounds like you have finally found your rules, lets hope they work for you.

    Shame such nice looking troops have stayed hidden away


    1. Sadly the one of many such collections. I can really only play one at a time, but with decades of painting, I have many more.....
      However fun to "discover" them all over again!

  2. Those are lovely figures, the colour combo works very well. Hope you enjoy playing Lion Rampant. It's pretty much the only rules I've being playing lately. Quick and easy to learn (and play) but with enough scope to allow for an enjoyable game.

    1. With Lion Rampant I am jumping into the waters without really checking the temperature as it were. But I really like the swimsuit, now that it fits.
      thanks for the note!

  3. Great looking figures, Doug. They wouldn't look out of place for WotR either IMO. Particularly in the livery colors. I'm sure your retinues will work well with the rules.

    1. Well I guess we could stretch the armour and clothing for another hundred years or so...
      Perhaps my liege is a very frugal old sod who never throws anything away and has the fashion sense of a miser
      cheers, Dean

  4. It's great you can eventually use your (superb) figures.

    I have been drawn to Lion Rampant for the same reason that you mention actually but I have to... start over since I don't own my army anymore.

    1. Makes me fell good about the collection even though i have yet to play a second game with them yet LOL
      thanks for comment
      Well starting afresh sometimes finds the purchasing a bit more "specific" -grin-