Tuesday, 27 January 2015

my forgotten HYW artillery

I find it funny that with any new rule set, wargamers will immediately set about creating variations for different eras than that intended.  "Lion Rampant" is no exception.  Already there is the setting about for rules for artillery, gunpowder weapons "handgonnes" and the like.

The author has created his own forum site ( forum link   http://duxrampant.yuku.com ) and has indicated that he dropped the artillery from the rules as not really in the scope of the action he envisioned.  However a suggestion for its addition was added.

Why I mention this is I had overlooked my one artillery small gun and crew of my HYW collection as I also did not really consider its addition.  Already thinking about the next game scenario, I could see it as a "target" for a besieged minor lord while it slowly fires balls to destroy his tower.  I was pleasantly surprised to find it has the required 6 crew members which for LR can be a full unit of dubious fighting ability in its defence should the opposing retinue get past my retainers.
I suppose a stand of spears might be required to suggest they could fight rather than merely run away.....

early artillery of the HYW 


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    1. Thanks. I will add a stand of spears to justify to my opponent that these idiots might just try to defend their cannon. ;-)

  2. Nice cannon, Doug. I also saw on the LR forum a very detailed list for Fantasy - Dragon Rampant. And the author said he liked it.

    1. Dean you know I don't do fantasy. Yeah, OK I might have an army of them, and I recently played a game with English medievals vs Ming/Sung/Dung (?) Chinese, but I don't do fantasy! < grin >