Tuesday, 6 January 2015

X-Wing game

A Monday Night Game at Francis's hosted by Sean who brought along his X-Wing game.  Star Wars driven, of course, the models are pre-painted of a very good quality and the rules are extremely well thought out.  All issues which came up were quickly dealt with by the rules and for Francis's group of ADD lads, that is saying much!
A Rebel "Freighter" with a heck of a lot of firepower!

While Francis and Dave to a large extent are more LotR fans, I and Sean like Star Wars and so perhaps are more into making the sounds of a TieFighter screeching to the attack.  Heck, I am old enough to have seen the original first run of the movie on the screen when I was young(er).

The scenario was a mutual recovery of important capsules of techie stuff left floating in space was the objective and, of course, to blow each other into atoms....

I played the Imperium once again...in this game I will ALWAYS play the Imperium.  Luke is a reactionist young bleeping trouble maker really; and is the bad guy regardless how Lucas makes us believe.

Anyway I was gunning for the pup but in the last turn of the game, he (played by Dave) got lucky and was a mere 1/8" within range of my Tie-Fighter with the third capsule in tow after finally chasing it all game , destroyed it leaving this capsule in space. With one captured capsule each, the battle was declared a tie.

For reporting accuracy, yes, Darth Vader was also flying, under the command of Sean, who managed through some "interesting " maneuvers to do very little in the game.  Apparently he does not know his right from his left.  Oops, note to self :  use inner voice as I am now choking for breath against a bulkhead with my feet above the floor....

Yes, Darth, in my usual "anything to do with flying" games I will always get shot down, in my defence I ONLY lost one fighter!
Luke Skywalker's X-Wing with a "8" pilot and a whole lot of bonuses which Dave had fun with.
Ol' Darthie flying in the wrong direction! :-))
very nice pre-painted models
Thanks to SeanR for hosting.

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