Saturday, 1 June 2013

New river terrain

It seems the first question asked of someone fresh from a convention is "What did you buy?"  
As I was committed not to pick up any more lead (well there could be exceptions of course!)  that embargo was not for terrain, of which I am somewhat lacking  as I was using strips of blue felt covered in the most part by lots of lichen.
  So I decided to finally pick up Wizardcraft river sections.  They are pre-painted and flocked in the same material as all my mats and so nicely blend in.  While initial I thought expensive, what I purchased is of adequate length for my table and is table ready and of good quality, so I am happy with it.  While the painting is of a fast flowing, babbling brook, I can live with that.

The photos show my set up for the War of 1812 "Battle of Satan's Stones" based on, you guessed it, the fighting around the Devil's Den area during the Battle of Gettysburg in 1863 of the American Civil War.


  1. So Doug, as next year is the 200th anniversary of a special trip taken by Colonel Jackson...would this terrain work for a potential Enfilade 2014 event? ;-) Need a few cotton bails, and a gator, but I suspect that could be arranged.

    1. Well...the Battle of New Orleans is, as a wargame, not all that exciting. The Americans sit behind entrenchments and fire away. To do anything else would be foolish. Fun to shoot up the British but boring. The British march up to get shot up and only by luck, the dice or the American players falling asleep can they succeed.

      Sorry but the bayous and gators are not all that close so the American players can't even enjoy the sight of a chewed up Highlander. Kinda a non issue that battle.

      But thanks for the thought