Sunday, 7 June 2015

First of the Russians

First of my Russian infantry

Having finally got my fill of Waterloo battles played , I am looking ahead to getting the historical battle of Borodino on the table.  I have already planned out the deployments (see my post: deployment  ) and have painted the artillery units and field fortifications but only recently completed a couple of my planned Russian infantry units.

The Perry plastics are easily to build and good to paint so should go relatively quickly.  I also have the Life Guard Corps of Warlord types to paint for 'variety'.  With the others helping and creating their own corps to command, we should be able to recreate the battle in a short rather than long time from now.
The Kiev Grenadiers  (in "square" formation as indicated by the cube on the stand)
The Little Russia Grenadiers

as the Russian line infantry have the same uniform (with the grenadiers in addition having a tall plume) I have tried to have all my representative regiments carry one of the regimental flags to make each element distinctive.  However, I could also certainly do without and thus make them very generic for any of the scenarios I would wish to do.  Flags will be from various sources such as the Perrys box,  magazine articles and available web printouts. I am not that picky to be honest.

Many more to go, however.....


  1. Your Russians look great!

  2. Brillantly painted and a gorgeous flag to set them off. Could you please explain what the raised square objects on the bases are? Curious.

    1. Those are our markers to signify that the brigade is in square formation using a cube - a cube being a square as it were! These are cheap wooden cubes painted black but with terrain on the top the same as the bases as to blend into the table. While the rules are corps level and thus the individual tactics of the brigade is not the concern of the corps commander/player; the change into the anti-defensive formation of the square is a fully brigade level change and we thought to integrate into the rules. Napoleonics is not Napoleonics without squares, really.

      We have similar 'blended' markers for disorder and limbered status and the like, including the turn marker. See:

      I try to make them visual but not intrusive. If, even with a ground level close-up of the troops, if you only noticed them later, then I think the attempt accomplished.

      thanks for the kind comments