Thursday, 4 June 2015

Napoleonic Prussian Cuirassiers

I know how many of my collections grow.  And I can't help myself.  When faced with a sale of figures which you might need, and which are being sold at an extremely good price, what's a wargamer to do?  Buy them, of course!

During the last local convention the bring and buy had me rooting around packages like a starving weasel.  Luckily a fellow wargamer I know was just labelling his sale bags when I interrupted to examine the figures.  For a very good low price I now had 12 Prussian Connoisseur riders on Front Rank horses.  For our rules ratios, that is well more the entire Prussian cuirassier contingent for 1813-15 !

Oh sure they are but in one pose and the horses many in the same pose also, but the similarities make them easier to paint and look quite imposing all with a straight backs and swords at the ready!
While I could not use them for the Waterloo campaign but thinking perhaps as Russians for Borodino.  Similar helmet and all.  But after purchasing  --- and putting on my reading glasses! -- these had the dark blue litwa coat worn by the Prussians, and not the white dress tunic as like the Russians ( the Germans being much more practical about these matters... )

However I still can use them for the 1813 and 1814 campaigns where they show up in the large battles once and a while.


  1. Dashing looking fellows. Nice find/catch there.

  2. Thanks Dave. looking forward in seeing your minis shortly

  3. Lovely looking Cuirassiers!

  4. They do look imposing, Doug. Leipzig would be a nice debut for them :)

  5. So, Dean, what you are saying is - go big?

    1. Of course that is what he is saying! You are a Napoleonics player aren't you? Bigger the battle the better! :)