Tuesday, 16 April 2013


I think everyone has their least favorite month of the year.  Of course the reasons vary.  Perhaps your birthday is not for celebration any longer. Perhaps, because of the weather. Perhaps for the reason of work deadlines.
My month of dread is April. Not for the obvious reason of tax time, although it forms a great deal, but of the convergence of so many differing forces put upon ones time.  Spring is for house cleaning, garden preparations, work time is chaotic, the sun appears more often and yes, tax form filling outing (and the procrastination)....all this creates the lack of structure in the day and which affects my wargame painting schedule!

My favorite month? January.  In these northern climes, long hours of darkness, weather extremely miserable with no thoughts of going outside so no problem hunkering down for a long evening of painting or reading battle histories....yeah, OK, perhaps my life right now is a bit taken with my hobby, but the real world is highly overrated ....

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