Monday, 22 April 2013

"The Big Battle" (La Rothiere game)

These are a few more photos of the game(s) of the Battle of LaRothiere which shows the 'look' of the game.  While we wanted to do the massive battles of the Napoleonic wars, we did not feel we wanted the requirements to go to a smaller scale nor have to paint the numbers which 15mm seem to demand. 28mm is sexier! Nor did we want to go to the 20 foot long table to encapsulate all the size and terrain elements.

  For the interest of the real Napoleonic nutters with their maps in front of them, the final photo shows the Austrian (read 'Russian') attack of General Sacken against LaRothiere (middle house).  Guilay's Austrians (and actually represented by Austrians!) are moving over the bridge against Dienville (upper left buildings) and the photo shows Petite Mesnil village as the yellow house (lower right)


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    1. Thanks for the comment Ray. Seth has copied my usual basing method so to produce a similar look which we think enhances the unifying tabletop effect.

  2. Napoleonics - sexy? Okay, Hussars maybe (especially mistresses disguised as Hussars). Great looking game - I saw it first hand and it surely was impressive. The Austrian force was particularly nicely arrayed for battle. Best, Dean