Saturday, 20 April 2013

Brunswick Hussars

Sometimes mistakes can be interesting.

It is my desire for my Napoleonic collection to be, as much as possible, in plastic; but sometimes this does mean a fair amount of effort.  Now this is a hobby so it is fun effort, but effort nonetheless.

With all the conversion I was doing to create French line lancers, CaC versions, etc. I was left with two officer horses with pointed saddle cloths - good for my Brunswick hussars! (well, OK not quite perfect for the button-counter, but OK for me) Just add a horse from the British hussar pack and we have the required three figures. But I could only create two of the horsehair shakos. Oh well, add a bandaged head then (no headdress you see!).

OK then-- glue, glue, glue

Only when painting do I notice I had attached the bandaged head on the torso with the upraised sword and on the charging horse; a most aggressive pose...and his horse with a British docked tail!

Well, that is messed up. But wait.  There is a story here.  The rider is obviously a headstrong type.  A real go-getter.  Wounded in the head and dismounted, he quickly reined in an abandoned British horse to continue the charge!  Heroic stuff that.
Showing the middle figure on a British horse, continuing the charge


  1. Great looking hussars in black, Doug. Best, Dean

  2. Fantastic looking Brunswick troops, great work...I love the wounded guy!!

  3. Thanks Phil. The Perrys sculpted that particular head's face rather more determined than in pain, I feel. However, it is very useful for a situation for which an addition body is needed but the correct headdress is unavailable.