Thursday, 4 April 2013

Marching to "battle" (going to the Con)

Well, the annual local convention is due to start tomorrow and I am taking a break from the preparations  -- heck I still have tomorrow morning to work on things, right?
And like true Generals we wargamers think logistics when getting ready for our tabletop battles -- did I remember everything? Dice, terrain...oh bugger forgot the trees... measuring sticks (now where did I put them?), the figures - where are the Light Horse??!  Well you get the picture.

Now to box up everything and transport across town.

One year I forgot to bring my rules [they were still sitting on the nightstand having a late review]  I wonder what I will forget this year?

 Yes, I DID make a list, but still......

My French masses march to defend La Rothiere

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