Sunday, 7 April 2013

The Battle/game of LaRothiere

My friend Seth made the trek north over the border to our local convention with his Austrian and Bavarian hordes to give battle to me and my French; finally placing on the table much of the figures we have spent the last 5 months (and many in the last 6 weeks) to get ready for the convention game.  That while developing a completely new set of rules to have the type of game we want.

And to our surprise, it all worked! It was indeed 2 1/2 hours into the game before the first complaint about the rules was lodged!  Legitimately I must add, as Seth and I had kinda ignored the issue, not knowing how to deal with realism vs the game/rules on the table.  Won't bore you with the particulars however the rest when well and the players seemed OK with all and we were happy with the game.
The complete French army at LaRothiere. What, you can't see all 45.000 of them?  (we are dealing with large ratios here - more a 6mm game with 28mm miniatures)  Still a nice looking wargame if I may say.
The scale is such that elements combat upon contact. Only artillery conduct ranged fire and that up to a mere 16".   Kiss'em to kill'em.  

While we had the table for the two game sessions (9 hours), with a long dinner break, we actually had two complete games (or would have if Seth and I were not chatting, talking to others and bagged from the day)
The first had five players and was to a conclusion - the Allies depleted having banged themselves against the French elites, the second just Seth and myself working on the rules commanding up to 50+ elements but having the turns move at about 10 minutes a turn regardless.   Once we finalize the concepts, and all the players have a couple of turns to get the factors in their heads I believe it is possible that Borodino could be fought to a conclusion in 8 hours or less.  My French Imperial Guard upsets the numbers somewhat by staying around longer, be most elements have a "shelve life" of 4 turns or so.   The players ability to judge when to bring in the reserves is the real part of the game, the combat itself a simple process.  That is what 'scale of command' we wanted to achieve.

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  1. Congrats on running such a nice game, Doug. Fantastic figures as always too. It was great seeing you and thanks again for the Front Rank figures! Best, dean