Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Swiss of the 100 Days Campaign

Here is my '2eme Regiment Etranger' of the Waterloo campaign.

Often mistakenly called the 2nd Swiss, thus creating confusion as its yellow facing colors do not match that of the Swiss regiment previously employed by Napoleon, the Second Foreign Regiment was one of eight foreign regiments proposed by Napoleon upon his return to power. This foreign regiment made up of volunteers from the existing Swiss regiments most of whom, keeping their contract with the King, returned to their homeland rather than serve Napoleon again.

The regiment of only one battalion was barely over 400 strong, thus constituting only some 8% of Habert's Division within Vandamme's Corps and so this unit only makes up a very small portion of the formation represented.  My apologies to the 34th, 88th, 22nd and 70th Line Regiments but the redcoats of the Swiss were impossible to resist!

I used a darker red than my usual to contrast with future British units.
Not totally convinced about the old 1804 flag being used,however several reference sources suggest it, so I put one on.  I might change it later after more investigation.  Does that put me in the button-counter crowd now??


  1. Nice addition of troops, Doug. Who can resist adding a unit (or two) of these to the blue-coated hordes of French. Too bad the Neuchatel Bn no longer existed by this time. Best, Dean

    1. Most (all?) American Civil War collectors have at least one zouave unit among the sea of (all boringly identical) blue coated figures for the same reason.
      It is just I have yet to paint all the identical Frenchmen yet!

      (and yes the yellow uniformed Neuchatel boys are the ever popular unique unit of the Napoleonic era....)

      as ever, thanks for your comments, Dean.