Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Enough with the greatcoats already!

The figure poses in the Perry plastic boxes are about half overcoated and half in Bardin uniform (albeit campaign dress-ish in nature).  I have painted all the overcoat poses I have and this is the start of the dresser versions.  Frankly the overcoats seem to me more practical, however, as a wargamer, the color is the thing for Napoleonics is it not? 

These figures were originally to be Imperial Guard Flanquer Regiments but my collection orientation and ratios have altered and so instead of green, they are wearing blue.

French Light Infantry Regiments (at left) bearing the 'Waterloo' issue flags. These were provided in the Perry plastics box set and were slightly larger, less 'decorated' and of paler colors than the 1812 issues. (yes I used the "Ligne" ones, but if one hides the lettering under a wind-flap fold.....)
The drummer is still in the Royal livery.  I guess he is none too convinced of Napoleon's ultimate reinstatement?

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  1. Nice looking troops. Come on, Doug, you're slipping - you're telling me you won't repaint "Legere" over "Ligne"? Yeah, this coming from the guy who puts colors upside down :) Best, Dean