Saturday, 8 June 2013

After 13 months

Staring at my Napoleonic collection thus far, it has been 12 and one-half months since I started on painting the French.  I am pleased that by the end of this month (June 2013) I will have completed enough of them for the Waterloo campaign ratios, finishing the artillery and the remainder of the infantry (both approx. 50% complete) waiting on the painting table.

The total figures painted will be around 360 which is not that many, really.  Of course along with those I did paint more, either for myself for the many other collections I have, or in trade for other wargamers during this time.  I made a count and these amounted to another 972.  So the grand total for the last 13 months is 1,332. I may have missed counting some Generals and stuff but the monthly average is around 102 figures. Sounds significant but counts only about 4 figures a day  --- quite snail-like when put in that way!  In my defense they all were 28mm - if that matters......

 The French are done (or near enough) and, then I say with a huge theatrical sigh,  now onto the 1815 Prussians..............

......and the War of 1812, and Seven Years War, and French and Indian wars, and ACW, and Zulu, and ..........

and a hobby is suppose to be relaxing??!

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  1. Relaxing? Whoever told you that! Looking forward to the Prussians.