Thursday, 20 June 2013

Satan's Stones (fictional battle) part 3


Based on the fight around Devil's Den and Little Round Top during the famous Battle of Gettysburg of the American Civil War, I again, as with most of my scenarios, use the original idea and modify and create depending upon my creativity at the time and the units which I want to use from my 'go to' collection of the War of 1812.  Both the Civil War and the earlier Napoleonic era fighting in North America involved mostly infantry in line formations with only supporting skirmishing and artillery, with very little cavalry present on most battlefields.  I have enough cavalry to cover those engagements with more substantial horse formations active should I require.

Now if I wanted to do the whole battle of Gettysburg I do have enough forces in 15mm to do so!  Yeah, well I been in this hobby for quite some time, so I have a lot painted !

Coming from the hard fight among the boulders, a British officer wipes the sweat from his brow in the nearby stream (Old Glory 28mm) Very interesting pose which I quite like.


  1. Yes, very cool pose. Hadn't seen that one before - a conversion? Dean

  2. great battle account. Awesome minis.