Thursday, 20 June 2013

Satan's Stones (fictional battle) Part 1

"They seem have no earthly reason to be in a field of Northern New York", comments the colonel of the US 1st Infantry Regiment to his fellow officer as they stare at the strange rock formation before them.
"As do we, it appears", retorts his officer barely holding in the indignity of the regiment being relegated to the far left flank of the army, far away from the approach of the British.
"Well, we are not the left flank", observes the colonel with a wave of his hand to his left noting the Black unit on the hill.
"Noted, sir", responds the officer, "But I have no idea what we have done wrong.  But something, no doubt, as we have been placed among these rocks with an untested, but no doubt willing group of Coloreds to one flank and across the stream a bunch of militia men guarding the other.  Satan's Stones are what they are called I am told, which seems very appropriate; as why the hell are we here?!  Why always us? We are a good fighting unit are we not? But headquarters seems to give us no credit and much unwarranted blame.  I am much perturbed by this and it really ires the men, I might add!"

The colonel gave no response. His attention was upon the large mass of red-coated soldiers marching right toward him.  "Now is the time to be irksome", the colonel quietly says, "Now is the time".
Some of the mass of redcoats in the assault THE left flank
more pictures of the original set up at: previous post

(the officer's rant mimics my feelings these days about my work environment....)

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