Tuesday, 25 June 2013

French of the 100 Days done.

Well versed, at least in my hobby, with the expression "never say never", I nevertheless will declare that I have finished my French forces enough for the 100 Days campaign.  For the final elements of line infantry and dragoons, I finally finished the terrain work.

The total number of figures is only 460  --- using BIG ratios you see --  and many of the elements are not exactly correct as many of the units painted are for the 1814 campaign but enough 'correct' types to put on the historical scenario of Waterloo.
Perry plastics all in the 'Bardin' uniform
The mounted officer is actually a dragoon officer with a hussar head added
The more astute 'button-counters' will note the King's livery of the drummer.  Either he could not have a Napoleonic livery jacket made in time, or hedging his bet, thinking Napoleon's comeback might well be a short one!  [ easier to paint actually! ]
French Dragoons. I made the attempt at a muddy look ground

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