Thursday, 6 June 2013

Naval Crew painted

Having first wanting for my War of 1812 'naval task force', then purchasing from Knuckleduster, then reviewing (see previous post), I thought I might as well get the crew painted.

I had a wonderful monster of gun on a naval carriage which I had dropped from my pirate collection and so gave the crew something big to manage!

As my War of 1812 collection is for land-based actions the naval carriage is a bit of an anomaly but I decided to place in on the usual sized stand and using wooden coffee stir sticks to create a platform but using a bit of "earth" on the edges to suggest either a temporary placement or in fortifications.  I cut some balsa to make support posts for the recoil rope. I did not get too, how shall we put it, not too technical with the physics however!  Nevertheless it gives the brief impression of a naval working gun.
The crew was distributed around the gun with the help of reader Rob (see the comment section of the linked post) so I could come up with a reasonable efficient looking crew manning the gun. 
And yes, I did cut the poor boys off their metal bases to glue them to the platform. I guess I will not play any casualties-are-removed games with this gun crew!


  1. Great looking gun...and crew!

  2. Superb work, there!

    If you put a few gabions or an earthwork in front of them, they're ready for a tussle at a fort, or a siege of one.