Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Waterloo Plus198

Well, I can't let June 18th go by without SOME comment!  Yes, the date of the Battle of Waterloo which I am striving to game.  Or, failing that goal, at least part of the famous campaign.

I am so close to completing the French army of the campaign.  Painting is done but the basing is yet to be finished. Soon.

It was my intent to show off the French in their battle formation for Waterloo but on my table is still the initial set-up for my re-creation of the Devil's Den fight during the Battle of Gettysburg using my War of 1812 collection.  In my version of "SATAN'S STONES"  -- clever, eh? --  The British are attacking the Americans.

The Confederates British are sweeping around the Union American left flank and towards Satan's Stones held by the aggressive US 1st Regiment
The American regiments holding the hill position
The "Free Men of Color" Regiment standing in as the famous Maine Regiment on "Little Round Top" (this will be the unit's first battle!)
Satan's Stones aka Devil's Den 


  1. Fantastic game, Doug. The terrain and figures look great. I really like the look of those Buckskin'd troops. Best, Dean

  2. Hey Dean, thanks for the kind words.
    I have been working on improving the look of the terrain. The "buckskin'd" are the "Frontier Militia' from Knuckleduster. Funny you should focus on those as they will be getting reinforcements soon with new command figures added and a re-division of poses. I love the look of the, 'formal' top hats these boys sport.

  3. I see you got some Wizard Kraft rivers. Bounty from Enfilade?

    1. Yup. I am trying to "put a nice frame around the painting", as it were. I have well enough figures to paint, so any purchasing will be for terrain from here on (mostly....)